Q: How many genders are there?

A: 2.

Fucking. Stop.

I have nothing against liking the opposite sex. Not a damn thing. But for you to say that you're a man in the body of the woman, you're basically screaming "beat me up and take my lunch money." Seriously. It's a clear issue, because if you're an average human being who is fine with having a penis, you're not socially accepted. Seriously, even here on DA it's a problem. "Gender: Male/Female/Other"

Are you fucking serious?

I'm not kidding you when I say that transgender people are fucking retarded. Seriously. You have a god damn penis, now stop shoving tampons up your ass and function like a normal human being.

And genderfluid people?

Where you can switch genders at any time?

The fuck is wrong with you?

Genders are decided by genitals. That's why they have similar prefixes. So what genderfluid people say is that they can change their genitalia at fucking will.

You're stupid.

You're fucking stupid.

And if you want to get surgery so you have both kinds of genitals so you can claim to be a true genderfluid...

Go fuck yourself. Literally. It's possible if you want that.

Honestly, just stop acting like freaks and study for that test you need to take to pass your sophomore year of high school.