313 slide

I've never liked the music of Leonard Cohen. I've also never particularly cared for the music or the ideas of David Bowie, either. This is significant because when these men died, it was all over the news along with little radio documentaries of their lives like they were Mother Theresa or Einstein. Bowie I can kind of understand as he was a true giant of pop culture, but Cohen? Fuck that guy.

Fuck him because music is supposed to transport you somewhere that ideally lifts your spirit, or at least takes it somewhere helpful. Death metal makes me want to smash anything in my way. Good psychedelic rock intoxicates me with its beautiful and unusual textures. Even novelty shit like "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer" makes me laugh and not take life so seriously.

The spirit of Cohen's music, on the other hand, conjures this bleak and claustrophobic space that's like hanging out at the bottom of a well on a rainy day while getting drunk on crappy gin. It's like Johnny Cash, except boring and nihilistic as fuck. The lyrics build a world where there's no good guys and everyone sucks.

It doesn't resonate with me at all and doesn't seem add up to anything real except for this, like, cheap world-weary antisocial schtick that pretends to be profound but is really just pedestrian and kind of ugly. Like it appeals to people who think the pain in their lives gives them an excuse to be nihilistic little assholes.

I just want to say that since this guy is almost being deified, and it's annoying.