Gods Will Be Watching is a good point and clicker game made by the pretty cool indie development studio Deconstructeam and published by the one and only Devolver Digital. I bought it on a humble bundle and used the code on steam.


The difficulty is harsh and unfair on every level, I've been playing on original light most of the time but believe me this game is unfair and will punish you for no reason. I never got why there has to be so many levels and no change but other than that everything is fine.


Can't judge it for that. It's a simple point and click adventure game and it does try it's best to give you lots to do, and thanks to that some stuff are easier to solve than others. I really hate it when this type of game has nothing to offer and is very bland and boring. but here it's pretty nice and helpful. (Examples: In level 5 you can send a soldier to explore if there are any enemy bases around and if he comes back he tells you everything you need to know.)

Story and Characters

Great story, might have a few flaws but it keeps you on edge and feels real good to explore stuff, there are alot of intresting characters, mostly the antagonists but other than that everyone are pretty intresting. Liam is our main antagonist for the most part. Irving is an antagonist for Episode 2 and the difficulty is the villain of this entire god damn game. All the other characters can be annoying and down spirited at one point but other than that they are pretty good.

The Graphics

The graphics are beautiful and the character designs are intesting. The overall set and background are amazing and feel genuine and nothing disappointed me me about it.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack is amazing. every song in this game is beautiful and awesome, I could listen to all of the songs a few times and not get tired from listening. It fits well with the style, story and things that are happening at the moment and I love it.


I love this game, besides the difficulty I like everything about it. Sadly the difficulty highly affects the other things and makes it very unpleasant and irritating and made me shit the game off alot of times. you'll be mad at this game alot but overall you'd be happy to finish it. If you can spare 10 bucks and want to waste hours screaming "WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS AND THAT?" give it a try and you will like it.

I enjoyed it very much and I would play it again soon enough, I give it an 8/10.